The True Options for the Sex Games for You


With eroticism the emphasis is more on the feelings and the atmosphere around sexuality than on sex itself. 'Erotic' then becomes a synonym for sensual, seductive and stimulating.

The multitude of eroticism

The term eroticism is derived from the name of the god of love, Eros, from Greek mythology. Everything that excites you or you can be an example of eroticism kissing each other, kissing, stroking, massaging, but also lying against each other in the seat, for example. Sexual fantasies on your own can also be erotic. Eroticism comes in so many forms, and can be different for everyone.

Erotic and art

But how sexuality is treated in art can also be erotic. Books, photos, paintings, films, music, they can all be sensual, cause an exciting atmosphere and therefore be erotic. The line between eroticism and pornography can sometimes not be drawn clearly.

  • Eroticism is something where people often immediately think of sex, but eroticism is actually much more than just sex. After all, it is also all about sex, you can think of feelings and emotions. The word eroticism is derived from Eros, this was the god of love in Greek mythology, also known today as Cupid. This god was responsible for reproduction and love between men and women.
  • Everyone has an opinion about erotic material but what a person finds erotic is often determined by his environment, upbringing, eroticism age and personal experiences necause eroticism doesn't have the same meaning for everyone. A 12-year-old boy can get excited by seeing female breasts while a (adult) visitor to a nudist beach doesn't even care anymore and doesn't get any special feelings.

But erotic acts do not necessarily have to be acts in the sexual field, after all, holding your lover's hand is also an act of love and / or romance. Or give your partner a kiss and caress. Often these types of actions are not considered when we talk about eroticism, but it actually belongs! The boundary between romance and eroticism is therefore rather small and is separated because eroticism emphasizes the emotions and feelings surrounding sexual acts and romance does not necessarily have anything to do with these feelings.

Eroticism hits an incredibly large market that involves a lot of money. Just think of pornographic films, pornographic photos and porn sites. There are Erotic channels on TV, erotic shops and shops where you can buy sex toys and buy other lust stimulants. Keep up the good work. Simply sells almost everything that has to do with eroticism, and this is because almost everyone likes lust and you cannot eliminate these feelings.