The exciting world of sex doll makeup

For majority of the customers, a realistic sex doll is not just an artificial object. You must be fantasizing about someone in your dreams and you can make use of makeup to give her a personality of your choice. Majority of the people do not realize that they can customize their doll using eye shadow, lipstick, tattoos, jewelries etc. to bring out the best in her. Sounds interesting right? You need to learn various makeup basics to understand doll makeup.

Makeup basics for the new customers

Once you get your doll, you will find that they have a satin soft skin. Your doll will never need a foundation as long as you maintain it thoroughly. However, if you are a rough user and touch too much of that make up, then you might need some foundation to keep it intact. You can also use a highlighter to give a glow to her skin. You can bring changes to her appearance by applying eye makeup and lipsticks. You are welcome to try out experiment. You can check out YouTube videos to create different looks. You need to use your creativity and talent to create the girl of our dreams.

Where to buy sex doll makeup?

There is good news for the sex doll users. You do not need any unique shopping for your dol. The normal makeup that is available in the market can be used to pep up your doll. The makeup that you can find in your local stores is sufficient to create a wonderful look. However, make use of powder makeups as far as possible. Oil based and liquid makeup can leave stains on your doll. If you are having Asian sex dolls, you will not need to use much foundation because they are already so fair. You can apply lipstick and bit of eye shadow. Avoid those cosmetics containing glitter or sparkles because it takes a lot of time to remove them and meanwhile their original texture also gets destroyed due to use of harsh chemicals.

How to deck up your doll?

After applying some makeup to your doll, the next thing that you can do is use some beautiful ornaments to enhance the entire look of the doll. Have you ever wondered what a small piece of jewel can do to your doll? You can use body art and temporary tattoos to make her look bold and wild.  With the use of correct tattoo, ornaments and bracelet, you could transform your sex robot into a provocative lady for the evening. You do not need to buy any fashionable or costly makeup for your doll. You can easily buy the things from the local shops. Check out the online websites to find out varieties of dresses and makeup choices for her. Applying makeup on your doll is a matter of your fantasies and desires. They offer the correct tools to bring out the personality that you have always wished for!